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I lengthened the period my store would donate 30% to Japanese tsunami and earthquake relief from the end of March to the end of April. Final numbers: $223.31. Now, to figure out which charity...
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I was at a new gaming shop down in Olympia to consign my earrings. It was Yugi-oh draft night, so the owner was fairly busy and things were going slowly. I drifted towards a couple of conversations.

Group of guys: "Dude, I'm just saying, if Kefka (FFVI) had gotten drunk he'd have taken over the world way more quickly."
Me: (Can't resist) "What if Kefka had been high?"
Guys: *stare at me for a moment. One of them: "Wow. Wow. Um. I think you broke my brain."
Other Guy: *gives me a panicked look, which I later translate as 'oh my god cute girl don't scare her away don't scare her away pretend you're cool NOW*: "Just ignore them, my friends just say some stupid crap, we're not all crazy nerds here!"
Me: "...I make dice earrings as a main source of income, hang out in comic shops, and own every volume of Dragonball Z in Japanese and English. I count as a nerd."
Other Guy: *gets giant look of relief on face and offers me a high-five*
In the background: "Did someone say something about a Highlander/Dragonball Z crossover?"
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From today until Sunday of next week, thirty percent of everything I make selling jewelry is going to be donated to a Japanese tsunami and earthquake relief fund. Which one in particular will be determined by Sunday after doing some research. This includes things I sell at the local market, and things I sell through the following website:

I'll be posting a new item every day on my etsy account. These items will vary from acid-etched barrettes, acid-etched disc earrings, snake vertebrae earrings, to more dice jewelry. If you've been wanting a piece of my jewelry or wanted to make a custom order, this would be a wonderful time to do so.

Thank you.
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Me: *Preparing to use drill press at home* "Dad! Where're the goggles?"
Dad: *searches* "Don't know. You should be fine though."
Me: *thinking* well I've always used it with goggles but so far nothing's happened... I guess one time can't hurt....
Me: *using it without goggles*
Drill bit: *breaks off and flies into face*
...Me: ".....yeah. I think I'm done."


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