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Me: *checking new card orders* Oh! L! Gossip.
L: Huh?
Me: Tim ordered more Magic cards!
Me: Don't you know? He only got into Magic because of his boyfriend, and he broke up with his boyfriend, so why is he buying-
L: He and Steve broke up?!
Me: Yes, and he was selling all of his Magic cards to us because Steve was the only reason he got into it, so why would he be buying more unless-
Our boss: *overhears* He and Steve are back together.
Me and L: Really?!
Boss: Yeah, he took the advance I gave him for his cards and used it to go to Portland with Steve. He said it was just what they needed.
L and me: Aw....

(People in retail know more about your private lives than you think)
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(Employees at my store sometimes get to open packs of Magic cards for the store, usually when we're trying to find a specific card. We can only open them when our boss gives permission, which is never as often as most of us would like, because opening packs is actually kind of fun. My coworker gave the best analogy I've heard in ages for the situation.)

Coworker A: [Our boss] doesn't just let us open up packs indiscriminately for the store. Otherwise we might get pack diabetes!

(<3 <3 <3)
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Coworker B: *appears to be fighting off a migraine*
Me: "What's up?"
Coworker B: "A customer ordered a number of NM (near mint) cards from us."
Me: "And?"
Coworker B: "He's complaining that our nm cards are near mint, not mint.
Me: "Um."

(If it was just one card, okay. He's claiming three cards, one which we sent to him separately, were all not near mint. And wants store credit. Yeah, clearly not someone trying to rip us off.)
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(Coworker B is currently trying to get our boss to fire her by never clocking in, or logging any hours that she works. Don't ask.)
Coworker B: "Okay, I'm gonna head out. Remember, I wasn't here."
Me: "So don't clock you in behind your back again."
Coworker B: "Right."
Coworker A: "Because you weren't ever actually here."
Coworker B: "Right!"
Me: "Because today's your day off."
Coworker B: "Exactly!"



Me: "Clock her in for two hours, or three?"
Coworker A: "Two, I think."
Me: "Cool. Coworker C, can you-"
Coworker C: "I was going to say four."
Me: "Let's go with three."


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