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Me: *checking new card orders* Oh! L! Gossip.
L: Huh?
Me: Tim ordered more Magic cards!
Me: Don't you know? He only got into Magic because of his boyfriend, and he broke up with his boyfriend, so why is he buying-
L: He and Steve broke up?!
Me: Yes, and he was selling all of his Magic cards to us because Steve was the only reason he got into it, so why would he be buying more unless-
Our boss: *overhears* He and Steve are back together.
Me and L: Really?!
Boss: Yeah, he took the advance I gave him for his cards and used it to go to Portland with Steve. He said it was just what they needed.
L and me: Aw....

(People in retail know more about your private lives than you think)
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(Employees at my store sometimes get to open packs of Magic cards for the store, usually when we're trying to find a specific card. We can only open them when our boss gives permission, which is never as often as most of us would like, because opening packs is actually kind of fun. My coworker gave the best analogy I've heard in ages for the situation.)

Coworker A: [Our boss] doesn't just let us open up packs indiscriminately for the store. Otherwise we might get pack diabetes!

(<3 <3 <3)
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Coworker B: *appears to be fighting off a migraine*
Me: "What's up?"
Coworker B: "A customer ordered a number of NM (near mint) cards from us."
Me: "And?"
Coworker B: "He's complaining that our nm cards are near mint, not mint.
Me: "Um."

(If it was just one card, okay. He's claiming three cards, one which we sent to him separately, were all not near mint. And wants store credit. Yeah, clearly not someone trying to rip us off.)
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(Coworker B is currently trying to get our boss to fire her by never clocking in, or logging any hours that she works. Don't ask.)
Coworker B: "Okay, I'm gonna head out. Remember, I wasn't here."
Me: "So don't clock you in behind your back again."
Coworker B: "Right."
Coworker A: "Because you weren't ever actually here."
Coworker B: "Right!"
Me: "Because today's your day off."
Coworker B: "Exactly!"



Me: "Clock her in for two hours, or three?"
Coworker A: "Two, I think."
Me: "Cool. Coworker C, can you-"
Coworker C: "I was going to say four."
Me: "Let's go with three."
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*Looking around for new psychiatrists and making a trial phone call*
Me: "Hi, I emailed you earlier?"
Her: "Oh, yes. I was a little confused by your name, and want to make sure I had it right?
Me: "Oh, right. Z is my real name, but I prefer to use Y, and sign most of my stuff ZY so people aren't so confused when I start using Y."
Her: "I see. So, how long have you been transitioning?"
Me: "Um."
Her: "I just want to make sure I'm using the pronoun you're most comfortable with. Do you prefer he or she?"

(Apparently if you call people in the metal health industry with a deep voice and a gender neutral nickname, assumptions are made. Only in Seattle).
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The staff:
1. The weird one who starts crying if anyone yells at her, gets anxiety attacks, rarely wears shoes, likes dancing while typing on the front computer and reminding her boss or coworkers food is good. Somehow has the best self-preservation instincts of the entire store.

2. The one who doesn't understand she is allowed to stop and eat during her eight hour/twelve hour shift, and who thinks following orders from her boss means she can ignore the ones she thinks are stupid. Mildly autistic with a growing hatred of Magic players.

3. Neurotic Jewish boy who resembles an incontinent puppy currently trying to get legally emancipated from neurotic Jewish parents. Currently has a six hundred dollar Magic card debt with the store.

4. Easy-going tattooed one who keeps showing up functionally high or stoned, who owner hired and currently has a crush on after realizing 1. is essentially an asexual lesbian.

5. Live-action Eeyore impersonator nearing fifty who is convinced everything is ultimately meaningless.

6. Cousin of owner who wants to leave to finish school and become a physics teacher but as she's store-manager and 1-5 aren't good replacements for varying reasons, her attempts to leave have thus far been unsuccessful. Addicted to Red Bull and is codenamed Rutabaga.

Owner: Bisexual man who keeps hiring people based on whether he wants to sleep with them and/or they are crazy in manageable ways instead of going through the interviewing process. Averages two hours of sleep a night, one meal a day, and goes back to his apartment once every other week. Somehow knows and is friends with an implausible number of young, attractive women in relationships with other people that show up around midnight-two in the morning and watch movies with him in the backroom. No, not 'watch movies'. Watch movies. No, seriously.

....can someone please tell me why no one's making a webcomic of my workplace?

Life Update

Oct. 6th, 2011 12:22 am
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I am the only person I know who accidentally wanders into a full-time job. Especially when I wasn't looking. *confused*

On a sad note, had to drop my jewelry class because of the above. Time management skills are not something I'm known for having, and this is a class I want to be able to devote my full attention to.

Back to making earrings for the convention I thought was in two weeks that is actually this weekend while ignoring my burgeoning carpal tunnel/tendonitis.
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Colonoscopy came back normal. This is good in that it means there's no sign I have colon cancer or Inflammable Bowel Syndrome. it's bad in that I still don't know why my Irritable Bowel Synddome has been flaring up so badly as of late. Follow-up appointment in two weeks where I'm getting some biopsy results and asking more questions.


Sep. 15th, 2011 11:13 pm
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I've been busy. A lot of stuff has happened, some of it awesome, some of it exhausting. I mean to sum it up later. PAX was involved and something awesome called IronDie.

If you follow my journal you likely know I have irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS. I'm used to most of the inconvenience at this point but had a bad flare-up for the past few weeks, including some alarming symptoms that mean it's within my best interest to undergo more medical tests to confirm everything's alright. I have yet to meet anyone who considers being told to drink a bottle of ex-lax and have a camera shoved up their rectum a day in the park, so yeah, less than thrilled about this.

On the bright side, I HAVE A KITTEN! Photos will be forthcoming.
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My father is in town for the weekend. He took my sister and I to dinner tonight at a nice restaurant. Right before my lasagna arrived he blurted out that he and my mother were getting a divorce.

He hasn't lived at home for five years. He was at seminary, now he's looking for a job, and in the five years both he and my mother have grown as people while they grew apart. They weren't very close to begin with, admittedly.

I'm not angry at either of them, I'm sad. Something is ending and something is beginning and I hope this gives them the happiness they never had together. For my mother, I feel it already has.
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I'm currently dealing with some shit in my life. Mostly it involves my stress levels being higher than they should be and needing to adjust my meds. Stressors like working at a job that pays entirely in store credit and two cats that aren't killing each other but are very sullenly playing pissing games, and everything in August. Everything includes two major conventions I'm selling jewelry at, one where I'm working entirely by myself, a third one I need to make things for, two people coming to visit me, and because I'm a masochist I start fostering again. And of course because my scheduling abilities are nigh nonexistent, one of the people coming to visit me is arriving the weekend of one of the conventions.
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Took my car in for a free brake check-up. I then learned that my front strut is broken, has been for a while, and as a result most of my front brake system needed to be replaced. The bill came to approximately two months rent.

On the bright side, the guys at the garage were very nice, actually showed me everything that was broken, explained what wasn't working about it and had me handle the busted pieces so I could see/feel what wasn't working properly. The bits that were leaky or already starting to rip presented a compelling argument.

On a lighter note, finally filed my taxes for my business for last year. Yes, 2010's taxes. As they were so late I had a 25% percent penalty fee, meaning the amount I owed wound up going up to $13.76. Yes, $13.76. I don't know what they were expecting, I only registered the business in October and had around eight sales, but honestly, if I get audited for that it will be hysterical.

So yeah. If anyone wants to buy jewelry from me, now would be a really really *really* awesome time for people to do it.
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My birthday came and went. This past year in Seattle has helped me more than I ever thought it would. I have a social life, I have friends, I have an apartment and pets. I'm learning how to become part of a community that seems to welcome me instead of tolerating me. I still have a long way to go- figure out what's wrong with my blood sugar, be able to have a sexual relationship without wanting to have a panic attack, deal with how I keep needing to raise the dosage of my meds every few weeks, determine what role I play with my mother. But for the first time in a very long while I feel that the people around me aren't just tolerating my presence, are wiling to help me if I asked, and aren't convinced I'm some sort of deranged immature stalker. It's somewhat refreshing.

Also, the following is a favorite song of mine I use on days when all i want to do is hide and cry. The lyrics are beautiful and I love the melody. Jukebox Hound, I strongly recommend it to you.
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I lengthened the period my store would donate 30% to Japanese tsunami and earthquake relief from the end of March to the end of April. Final numbers: $223.31. Now, to figure out which charity...
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I was at a new gaming shop down in Olympia to consign my earrings. It was Yugi-oh draft night, so the owner was fairly busy and things were going slowly. I drifted towards a couple of conversations.

Group of guys: "Dude, I'm just saying, if Kefka (FFVI) had gotten drunk he'd have taken over the world way more quickly."
Me: (Can't resist) "What if Kefka had been high?"
Guys: *stare at me for a moment. One of them: "Wow. Wow. Um. I think you broke my brain."
Other Guy: *gives me a panicked look, which I later translate as 'oh my god cute girl don't scare her away don't scare her away pretend you're cool NOW*: "Just ignore them, my friends just say some stupid crap, we're not all crazy nerds here!"
Me: "...I make dice earrings as a main source of income, hang out in comic shops, and own every volume of Dragonball Z in Japanese and English. I count as a nerd."
Other Guy: *gets giant look of relief on face and offers me a high-five*
In the background: "Did someone say something about a Highlander/Dragonball Z crossover?"
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y dice earrings are being sold at SakuraCon! Green Lake Games is giving me a 60/40 consignment on them, and it sounds like a number have already sold. I'm going to be donating 30% of what I make this month and March to Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami relief, so again, if anyone wants to request something or grab an item, sooner is better than later.

Also, this was the best reason to miss a sale I've had yet:

Girlfriend: *looking at D-4 and D-8 earrings*
Boyfriend: "You shouldn't get those. Get the D-10's."
G: "I like these ones. Why should I get those?"
B: "....I'd feel betrayed if you got dice that weren't supported by my gaming system."
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From today until Sunday of next week, thirty percent of everything I make selling jewelry is going to be donated to a Japanese tsunami and earthquake relief fund. Which one in particular will be determined by Sunday after doing some research. This includes things I sell at the local market, and things I sell through the following website:

I'll be posting a new item every day on my etsy account. These items will vary from acid-etched barrettes, acid-etched disc earrings, snake vertebrae earrings, to more dice jewelry. If you've been wanting a piece of my jewelry or wanted to make a custom order, this would be a wonderful time to do so.

Thank you.
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Me: *Preparing to use drill press at home* "Dad! Where're the goggles?"
Dad: *searches* "Don't know. You should be fine though."
Me: *thinking* well I've always used it with goggles but so far nothing's happened... I guess one time can't hurt....
Me: *using it without goggles*
Drill bit: *breaks off and flies into face*
...Me: ".....yeah. I think I'm done."
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